Hiring a Man with a Van

Another option available to you all when moving is that of hiring a man with a van.

Now, hiring a man with a van comes with a whole set of different risks when compared to a removal firm, but in some instances it can prove very beneficial, cost wise amongst other things.

A lot of people these days know of a man with a van, but how can you be sure that you are going to get what you are after (after all, you do see more and more stories now about people who thought they were using genuine services and then lost everything)?

  • Ensure they are reputable

A ‘man with a van’ doesn’t necessarily have to be affiliated to any institution, so always be on guard with them and ensure that they are reputable.  This can be achieved in a variety of ways including checking to see if they have a genuine website with real customer testimonials, and by speaking to them to gauge an opinion on them.

  • Ask for recommendations

People that have used a man with a van before will have either had a positive or negative experience with them, so often a good way of getting the lowdown on people is to ask for honest reviews.  This way you can make a list of the good and bad and make contact with those you are considering to get the finer details.

  • Ask for written confirmation

Ensure that any ‘man with a van’ you are thinking of employing for your move sends you written details of their proposal, including full details of who they are and where they live, along with all of the other details of the proposal, at the same time.  Ensure that both parties sign the contract and have a copy (providing you are happy to sign), as this will protect you to a large extent if things do go wrong at some stage.

In terms of benefits, a man with a van offers a considerable cost saving on a removal firm.  If you take the £1,000 + average a removal firm will charge (See removal costs page), and then compare that with what can sometimes be as little as £30 per hour for the man and van, you can see where this may start to be a favoured option for you and others.

Also, a lot of removal firms are booked up well in advance, whereas a fair amount of ‘men’ with vans can step up quite reactively (i.e. they are not booked up as far in advance, and can very often fit you in at short notice).

It is definitely worth considering this option, but make sure you get all of the detail before making any decision, and I would always suggest that you compare any proposal from a man with a van against those from removal firms so that you can cover all bases and properly understand which option works best for you.